Racial Agency Initiative LLC is a resource for racial justice leadership coaching. As a new start-up founded by Jeanelle Austin, this company seeks to provide people who seek to practice racial justice with a coach to maximize their effectiveness.

Pursuing racial justice with joy is the vision. Encouraging people to practice racial justice within their scope of influence is the purpose. Coaching people to leverage their agency for racial justice is the work.

Initially envisioned October 2017, Jeanelle Austin imagined a service for people who care about the problem of racism, and often find themselves asking the question, “What can I do?”  Two years later, this vision has become a reality, officially launching October 2019.

Jeanelle Austin

Founder | Director | Coach

In 2004, Jeanelle was tasked to guide people in their understanding of race and diversity. That work stimulated her passion to support people on their journeys of confronting race and racism. Since then, now over 15 years, Jeanelle has engaged race on personal and institutional levels, working with individuals and key leaders at institutions, including at Messiah College, Fuller Theological Seminary, and the Pasadena Police Department in Pasadena, CA. She has experience with organizing race and diversity events, facilitating small groups, mobilizing communities, and inspiring people through public speaking and writing. Through her work, Jeanelle is committed to leveraging her agency for racial justice.


The broken “R” represents the brokenness that race has caused in our communities. The pointed “A” represents the pivot point of a lever. Everything depends on the pivot point. True justice is our pivot point. The strong “I” represents the strength(s) we have to take initiative and influence others. Finally, the circles. When we engage our agency for racial justice, we engage within the context of community. The circles around the initials RAI represent the the various communities we belong to as individuals. They do not always intersect, but we still have capacity to influence each of them.